The Printers

by Monique

our printers for the exhibition

10am Monday morning we arrived at Photo Vesta to meet our printers.  It was madness.  The place was teaming with photographers who were there to print out pictures from the weekend, from weddings, parties, id pictures, invitations and good times had.  We had to squeeze through to the back room which is full to the brim with computers and printers and people to meet Augustin, Amadou and Soungala.  Three extremely even tempered men dealing with hundreds of requests and questions thrown at them.  I respect their ability to keep calm in that bazaar of printing.  Three of us (Aly to translate, one photographer – who’s work we were testing – and myself) were squeezed into the mix and the printing process began.

We worked on test prints, colour corrections and sizes and after a 10 hour day we have done all of our tests and are on our way to getting the work printed for the opening on Friday.  Only now that the process is in motion I can see how incredibly closely cut this deadline is.  Nothing like a little deadline pressure under new circumstances.