Sabelo Mlangeni (born 1980 in Driefontein. He lives and works in Johannesburg South Africa)

by Monique

 – Is your photographic art work committed to dealing with the context in which you live?


– How does your photography integrate the evolution of your society?

My work challanges a viewer; like in this body of work Country Girls. In our society we are taught that a man should present himself in certain way and seeing a man in a dress shifts the way we think and are taught to think. It is political and confrounts issues of homophobia.

Are the marks of the past influencing your way of taking photographs? If they do, how do history and collective memory affect your work?

It depends on the story I am working on. Some are influenced by the past, some witness what is happening in some part of South Africa today. As a young South african born between the old apartheid regieme and the new South Africa so I find myself caught up in the past and present.